When both of us love vibration…

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The best vibrators are the ones we can use together!  We all love to orgasm with vibrators. (Well, OK, 99% of us.) For some of us, it’s the only way we like to cum.  So we do all different things with our vibrators.  Sometimes we make love while one of holds the vibe on her clit, sometimes we make love, and then take turns finishing ourselves off with a vibrator.

The staff of lesbiangear, a store inside Toys of Eros, in the queerest of queer towns, Provincetown, MA, make it our business to find or design vibrators that we can use together, and at the same time. Here’s our favorites, and how to use them.

You know we have to start with the Hitachi Magic Wand.  First of all, you probably got the scoop that there’s a new rechargeable Hitachi out after 30 years. It’s just as strong, but better, quieter, smoother and has 6 speeds. Even better, we found an ingenious attachment for the wand, the Gee Whizzard.  It’s vibrates against both your clits, while you lay on top of each other, move against each other, and kiss each other, skin to skin, without your hands in between. The Gee Whizzard also let’s one of you put the attachment inside, while the other one rides it.  They put the perfect ridges in the perfect place, so you both get clitoral stim. for more info, go to Hitachi Magic Wand,  and the Gee Whizzard.

ToysofErosWhen both of us love vibration…


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