What’s up with Nipple Clamps?

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Think the idea of nipple clamps is nuts? Find it hard to understand the appeal?   Discover why everyone should add a pinch of nipple naughtiness to their play.

What is Nipple Play and Nipple Torture?  Nipple play is a way of making a sensitive erogenous zone even more sensitive to touch. Nipple torture is the act of taking advantage of this heightened sensitivity by introducing pinwheels, feathers, ice cubes and other innocuous devices to bring pain, suffering and pleasure. Once blood has been either pulled in by a vacuum device or trapped by a nipple clamp, upon removal nipple sensation is much more intense as blood rushes back into the nipple.

Playing with nipple clamps not only results in supreme sensitivity, it also delivers an incredible natural high, provides a real taste of submissive satisfaction and offers intensity like never before. Titivation and titillation have never been meant quite so literally! So, isn’t it time you got to grips with the idea?

You’ll be in a rush to experience a  ‘natural high’  like this again…

Let go of inhibitions! Applying this type of stimulus will inspire the body to react in the same way it usually does when in pain; by releasing endorphins to counteract it. Endorphins interact with the opiate receptors to have an effect similar to codeine or morphine. This results in an intense natural high that inspires a new pleasure vs. pain association within the body. What better way to spend your free time?

 2. Enhance every touch and squeeze in some sensation play…

Want to add a pinch of sensitivity to your play? When clamps are removed, the nipple becomes all the more sensitive to every tantalizing touch. The gentlest stroke, kiss and suck will have bottoms on the climactic brink all over again. Why not take advantage of this with some supreme sensation play?  Try a little ice or even gently run a Wartenberg pinwheel over that susceptible spot. It’s high time you gave it a go!

3. Trust us; it’s going to be emotional… Get a tug on the heartstrings as well as the nipples! Using clamps with your playmate will provoke a profound emotional connection between you. Allowing someone complete control over your sensations requires a great deal of trust, which inspires intense psychological and physical responses in the body. Similarly, taking control demonstrates that trust is well placed. It’ll be emotional, in more ways than one!

“Nipple clamps can be an exciting and attractive addition to many forms of BDSM play. I highly recommend that everyone has a pair added to their arsenal of toys.  I like them to look as exquisite as they feel!  My favorite?     Valerie Beuchat

4. Get a feel for orgasmic nipple naughtiness… Want to really titillate those nipples? As we reach our pique, we can tolerate much stronger stimulation. Applying a little more pressure to the nipple at the point of climax promises an even more explosive experience. Additionally, when clamps are removed, all of the blood rushes back to the surface which is, in itself, an incredibly intense sensation. It is a mixture of pain and pure orgasmic pleasure. So, add a touch of nipple naughtiness to your play!

5. Don’t be a control freak; let someone else do the hard work… Squeeze some submissive satisfaction into your extracurricular activities! Being at the mercy of someone else and having pleasure/pain completely in their hands can be extremely gratifying. It inspires all new feelings of anticipation and helps bottoms to relax into sensations over which they have no control. Similarly, being the one in control is an incredible turn on. Give in to temptation!

6.  Develop an eye for detail and add a little beauty to your brawn… Titivate those nipples for the ultimate in sex appeal! It’s not all about the way clamps feel, they look incredible too. So why not adorn those nipples with the crowning jewels they deserve and really enhance the aesthetics in your play? When it comes to nipple niceties, you’ll only have eyes for clamps!




ToysofErosWhat’s up with Nipple Clamps?


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