The Art of Anal Douching and Anal Sex

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There is an art to douching.  And the folks at Toys of Eros in Provincetown are spreading the word.

Douches are not all built alike. And just because you buy it in a drug store doesn’t mean it’s good. There are many kinds of douches with many different attachments. But many of them can be caustic to sensitive anal tissue, or can actually make things worse, creating a mess down there.  We had to design our own to get the perfect douche. We call it The Perfect Clean, by Toys of Eros.

The best way to get clean, involves a two step process.  This is because you have several chambers in your anal canal, that lead upward to your lower colon, and then your intestines. It never ends. But anal sex only involves the first chamber.  With that in mind, let’s examine the douche set that Toys of Eros recommends.

Anal Douche Set , the Perfect Clean by Toys of Eros

There is one bulb to hold the water, and two different nozzles. (See Diagram.)  The first nozzle you use is the one that has a hole in the tip, so the water shoots straight up into your rectum. If anything is inside the first chamber, you will expel it in a small bowel movement.  It may come out as a little ball, or some loose watery matter. You only do this once.  If you do it over and over again, the water will shoot higher and higher, until it loosens the fecal matter that is inside your colon, and then on to your lower intestine. That’s the fecal matter that’s supposed to stay there until tomorrow!  If you keep using the “Straight Shooter,” you’ll be at it all night. Remember, you’re not giving yourself a colonoscopy.  It’s only the first canal that you want squeaky clean.

After you’ve used the straight shooter once and only once, you will move onto the attachment with the  holes on the sides, called the Flusher. Because the holes are on the sides of the nozzle, it sends streams of water sideways, flushing against the walls of your anus.   Usually once will suffice, but if your super anal about being perfectly perfect down there you can use it as many times as you like, without any problems.  Note: If you are constipated or need to move your bowels, you need to take care of that before you douche for anal sex.

Check it out The Perfect Clean, by Toys of Eros

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ToysofErosThe Art of Anal Douching and Anal Sex


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